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Working Together

Executive Director Search

It is critical that your Education Foundation and Executive Director be the right match. Administrative responsibilities must be handled efficiently, effectively and professionally. Foundation Innovation, LLC coordinates the search process by working with your Foundation to formulate the criteria, posting and selection of an Executive Director. Foundation Innovation currently has a network of professionals currently serving as non-profit or Education Foundation administrators. 

Foundation Innovation works with boards of directors to:

  • Develop or update a job description.

  • Assist in determining salary and benefits based on budget considerations and competitive salary range.

  • Assist in advertising the position.

  • Explore other avenues for attracting qualified candidates.

  • Review all resumes, identifying those qualified based on the criteria.

  • Provide appropriate sample questions for the interview team.

  • Provide a rating tool for the final selection.​

Staff Training

Additionally, we offer interactive training for executive directors, managers, and administrative staff of education foundations that support public school districts.  Although many education foundations are hiring individuals with nonprofit experience, they are not always familiar with education foundations and the relationship required with the school district they support. The job of an executive director is challenging and specialized training will help their productively, impact and effectiveness. It can be intimidating and even overwhelming for a new executive director working​with a board of volunteers, employees of the school district, and philanthropic donors.

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