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Education Foundations Empowered Resource

We are here for you. Yes, COVID-19 has changed the way all of us operate but it has not stopped our operations nor tempered our collective commitment to excellence for Texas students, teachers and schools. 


The Texas Education Foundation Network is joining hands with Foundation Innovation, LLC for the launch of Education Foundations Empowered. This comprehensive resource center is a service tailored just for education foundations! There may be many nonprofit resources available but Education Foundations Empowered is crafted for the unique and field specific work we do to support public school systems. This resource is developed for you as an education foundation leader at no cost and is an added benefit to your TEFN membership.


REVISED TEFN Community Forum Website Gra

TEFN Community Forum Powered by FI

Ask questions, find answers and connect with your Texas education foundation peers! This forum allows you to network with others including TEFN members, executive directors, board members, superintendent, school board members and district staff for questions and feedback. You’ll be able to upload and exchange files to share helpful examples with the network. Use the “Ask the Expert” feature to connect with a Foundation Innovation consultant and receive professional guidance on any issue facing your education foundation! Click here to learn more and access our tutorials!

Here’s a brief preview of what’s to come:

  • Education Foundation Survey: A comprehensive survey is under development and will be sent to as many networks as possible to reach education foundations throughout the nation.  Questions will include “How education foundations are handling the pandemic,” “How has fundraising been impacted,”  “Have you conducted board meetings virtually,” and much more.  Results will be tabulated and launched to survey respondents through a Zoom meeting initially and from there will be available at Education Foundations Empowered on the TEFN and FI websites.  This information will be used for local decision making, state advocacy initiatives, and national awareness.

  • Webinars and Interactive Learning: A series of learning opportunities specifically tailored to education foundations are being developed.  25 sessions will be presented with topics that include  “How to Host a Virtual Gala,” “Telling your story: Raise donor Appeal and Engagement During a Crisis,” and “Power of the Relationship with a District During Fluid Times in Need of Solid Action.” Live discussions will take place for various topics such as “Q&A for New and Prospective Education Foundations,” and “Work/Life Balance When Working from Home.”

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