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establish an education foundation

 As public school districts continue to face reductions in funding and pressure to do more with less, many are looking to establish a nonprofit education foundation for community engagement support and additional resources. Public school foundations are 501(c)(3) charitable organizations that work to enhance student achievement through supporting educational programs, the success of the district, and community awareness.

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Successful education foundations craft a well-planned and methodical approach. Foundation Innovation, LLC will guide you through the start-up of your education foundation utilizing customized approaches, research-based nonprofit best practices, university advancement techniques, and nationally recognized fundraising standards to accelerate success and ensure sustainability.

​The following specific services are included:

  • Board Development and Training Materials

  • Defining Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

  • Defining School District and Foundation Partnership          

  • Policies and Guidelines Recommendations

  • Developing Corporate Structure and Committee Responsibilities

  • Corporate Compliance including Preparation of Corporate Documents for Tax-Deductible Status

  • Developing an Annual Fund or Major Gift Campaign Framework and Timeline

  • Gift Acknowledgement and Database Development

  • Making the Ask Training

  • Donor Stewardship

  • Development of Funding Priorities and Creation of Grating Process

  • Professionally Designed Logo and Marketing Collateral

  • Complete all corporate documents with your state and Internal Revenue Service to establish a charitable organization.

  • Process includes over 65 templates from bylaws to sample case statement to be customized for your education foundation.

 * Exclusive Foundation Innovation services and tools included:

  • “Foundation Innovation Online”

  • Board Manual and Training Materials ​

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