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Board Development

The governing body of your education foundation plays an important role within an education foundation. Through Board Development, Foundation Innovation, LLC will guide your board in creating a plan of action, capitalizing on board member’s skills and expertise, and selecting and training additional board members for a stronger and more effective team.

Business People Applauding

Foundation Innovation, LLC will assist in the implementation of a process to identify and recruit potential board members, provide training, and retention of engaged and effective board members.
Specific components used in this process include:


  • Analyzing current board member skills and expertise

  • Internal and external surveys for invironmental analysis

  • Define expectations and responsibilities of board members

  • Define board member and staff relationship

  • Outline the process and timeline for board member identification, recuritment, training, and retention of board members

  • Training on How to Make the Ask to potential board members

  • Develop an orientation to welcome new board members 

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