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Strategic planning

Our comprehensive package includes the three critical phases – a survey of board members and key constituents, on-site facilitation of a 4 hour strategic planning session followed by a written summary report of the process, consultant recommendations, and actions plans to be used as a planning tool for the following year.  

In the Classroom

Education Foundation Strategic Planning

Includes 3 Phases:

Phase I    Environmental Analysis

  • Collect data about the internal and external environment

  • Survey board and key stakeholders

  • Review trends

  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses

Phase II   Strategic Direction

  • Review Environmental Analysis

  • Develop a vision for the future

  • Create/Confirm/Expand upon the mission of the organization

  • Develop goals and identify where you will focus your efforts in the immediate future

  • Develop strategies outlining how you will achieve your vision

  • Board Development 

  • Involvement of Board Members in the Process

  • Discuss best practices

  • Discuss board member expectations

Phase III  Written Summary 

  • Outline of goals and objectives and trends

  • Define roles, responsibilities and timelines for implementation

  • Summarize board member expectations

  • Consultant recommendations for consideration

District Strategic Planning

District Strategic Planning is a collaborative process to create a plan of work to meet the needs of your school district. The Foundation Innovation team creates a partnership with the district staff, community and school board to identify and understand the unique attributes of the community and school district. Strategic plans and the strategic planning process create an opportunity to involve and engage school board members, administration, community members, educators, students, parents and other stakeholders vested in the success of your district. Foundation Innovation, LLC provides hands-on, step-by-step interactive services that are customized to meet your needs and stated objectives. 

This process revolves around intentional identification of goals and development of a systematic approach to achieve those goals. There are many pieces of this complex “puzzle,” but through this approach, results can be realized. Our service package includes five phases:

  • Assessment

  • Goal Setting

  • Internal and External Engagement

  • Plan of Work

  • Implementation 

Specifically, each phase includes:

Phase I    Assessment

  • Develop surveys for employees, parents, key stakeholders

  • Collect data about the internal and external environment

  • Review trends, commonalities, and goal areas

  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses 

Phase II   Goal Setting

  • Facilitate a retreat session with school board members and administration

  • Review environmental analysis and data collected

  • Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

  • Review/Develop a vision for the future

  • Create/Confirm/Expand upon district mission

  • Prioritize goals and develop goal statements 

Phase III  Internal and External Engagement

  • Facilitate focus group meetings

  • Review the process, relevance and engagement

  • Present goals and goal statements

  • Develop objectives to meet stated goals 

Phase IV  Plan of Work

  • Facilitate a retreat with administration

  • Review the process, relevance and engagement

  • Review goals and objectives developed by school board and stakeholders

  • Develop action plans

  • Determine timeline, staffing, and resources necessary to implement action plan

​Phase V   Implementation

  • Finalize action plans with administration

  • Create a timeline

  • Provide a written report of the process, action plans and implementation

  • Present an overview of the process and action plans at school board meeting 

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