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The Vision and Alignment ebook provides an overview of the steps to determine the vision of an education foundation, establish the structure, and implement legal and governance infrastructure essential for a successful organization.

​This Ebook also comes with 24 practice templates or "tools" that can be
downloaded and customized for your own use saving countless hours of time and research:

  • Action Plan (one year) (Word format) 
  • Organizational Framework (Adobe format - unprotected) 
  • Steering Committee Agendas (2 meetings) (Word format) 
  • Planning Meeting Agenda (Word format) 
  • Organizational Meeting Agenda (Word format) 
  • Meeting Agendas (5 meetings) (Word format) 
  • Board of Director Analysis Chart (Excel format) 
  • Board Recruitment Packet (Word format) 
  • Board Roster Template (Excel format) 
  • Sample Articles of Incorporation (Certificate of Formation) 
  • Bylaws (Sample) (Word format) 
  • Memorandum of Understanding (School District agreement) (Word format) 
  • Depository Resolution Sample (Word format) 
  • Committee List Spreadsheet (Excel format) 
  • Committee Preference Form (Word format) 
  • IRS Guidelines for 1023 Application (Adobe form) 
  • Timeline (PowerPoint format)

Vision & Alignment Ebook

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