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The Programs Ebook discusses program allocations and details the steps involved in creating and administering a grants program.  Although the examples focus on a credible process to award "Innovative Teaching Grants," the process could be adapted for any type of granting program including campus or district wide systemic grants. 

This ebook also comes with 15 practice templates or "tools" that can be downloaded and customized for your own use saving countless hours of time and research: 


  • Grant Guidelines and Application (Word format) 
  • Grant Workshop Agenda (Word format) 
  • Grant Reviewer Scoring Matrix (Excel format) 
  • Cover for Grant Review Notebooks (Word format) 
  • Grant Reviewer Collective Score Tally Sheet (Excel format) 
  • All Reviewers Collective Score Tally Sheet (Excel format) 
  • Grant Award Spreadsheet (Excel and Word formats) 
  • Grant Award Flyer (Word format) 
  • Grant Denial Letter (Word format) 
  • Grant Recipient Agreement (Word format) 
  • Grant Award Evaluation Form (Word format)
  • Grant Application Committee Evaluation Summary (Word format) 
  • Programs Committee Responsibilities Checklist (Word format) 
  • "Prize Party" Checklist (Word format)

Programs Ebook

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