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The Finance & Governance Ebook outlines how to establish procedures and processes to ensure and maintain the financial oversight and integrity of an education foundation.

This ebook also comes with 9 best practice templates or "tools" that can be downloaded and customized for your own use saving countless hours of time and research:


  • Sample Policies and Guidelines (Including General Policies, Financial Policies and Guidelines, Investment Policy, Gift Acceptance and Conflict of Interest) (Microsoft Word format) 
  • Annual Projected Budget (Excel format) 
  • Income Statement (Sample Profit-Loss) (Excel format)
  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities (Sample Balance Sheet) (Excel format) 
  • Bank Reconciliation Sample (Excel format) 
  • Check Register Sample (Excel format) 
  • Sample Gift Receipt (Word format) 
  • Minutes Template (Record of Meetings) (Word format)
  • Sample Checklist for Finance & Governance Committee (Word format)

Finance & Governance Ebook

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