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The Development Ebook provides information about creating a development or fundraising plan, including detailed suggestions for implementing a successful annual campaign.

This ebook also comes with 14 best practice templates or "tools" that can be downloaded and customized for your own use saving countless hours of time and research:


  • Timeline Sample (Word format) 
  • Sample Donor Cards (Word format) 
  • Donor Bill of Rights (Word format) 
  • Annual Campaign "Packaging" (Two examples) (Word format) 
  • Simple Case Statement (Word format) 
  • Board Donor Prospect Form (Word format) 
  • Donor Database Template (Excel format) 
  • Individual Donor Letter Sample (Word format) 
  • Annual Campaign Planning Worksheet (Word format) 
  • Sample Campaign Gift Range Chart (Word format) 
  • Development Committee Checklist (Word format) 
  • Annual Campaign Checklist (Word format) 
  • Kickoff Event Checklist (Word format)

Development Tools Ebook

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