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The Education Foundation Toolkit is available in hardback or ebook format and offers an efficient and cost-effective approach to maximizing the impact of your education foundation at any stage in its development with information, products, training, and consulting that leads to long-term sustainability. 

The Education Foundation Toolkit includes:


  • A “one stop shopping” approach with information, training, consultation and products that bring best practice models to your foundation.
  • Assistance in implementing these practices in a way that meets the specific needs of your district, your schools and your foundation.
  • A system designed to maximize efficiency so that staff, board members and other volunteers can concentrate on effectiveness and achieve success.
  • Elements of success - A step by step checklist and full description of each of the elements needed for a successful school foundation. Each element is carefully analyzed and specific action areas offered.
  • Board Development - Create plans and process of successful recruiting, roles and responsibilities, sample job descriptions, orientation program, setting policies, conflict of interest statement, skill matrix and more.
  • The Legal Aspects - Follow the sample bylaws, articles of incorporation, income statements, budgets and other considerations to keep your organization legal and in compliance.
  • Marketing and Events Management - Image is crucial. Understand how to "roll out" a marketing plan and initial approaches to raising operational funding through planning an event to publicize the foundation.
  • Grants Program - Realize the value of funding programs such as innovative teaching grants through a transparent and fair process. You will receive information to take you from calling for grants to awarding through "prize party".
  • Development/Fund raising - Now you have all the elements in place, now let's learn how to raise funds using a methodical and effective approach. Conduct an annual campaign that is sure to see results.

Education Foundation Toolkit

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