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annual campaign

An annual fundraising campaign is conducted to allow corporations, vendors, employees, parents and community leaders an opportunity to financially invest in the mission of the education foundation.  Foundation Innovation will facilitate an integrated annual campaign based on higher education fundraising strategies specifically designed to identify and train campaign leadership; target potential major donors; provide templates to track and manage prospect information; recommend campaign promotional materials; and identify new strategies for personal solicitation programs, in-house appeals, and alumni giving.

Chemistry Students

Utilizing a step by step process will establish an appropriate organizational structure to ensure maximum results to generate revenue of cash and in-kind gifts.  Services include:

  • Review the difference between an administrative board and fundraising board

  • Identify key development leadership

  • Review case statement or statement for support

  • Learn tips, tools and trends in fundraising

  • Review research based fundraising strategies

  • Review fund management procedures

  • Assess current annual campaign strategies and collateral

  • Donor identification, cultivation and stewardship process

  • Conduct “Making the Ask” training

  • Create customized annual campaign training materials 

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