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School closures, cancellations, postponements, crisis, pandemic: These words have become a part of our professional and personal lives in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. You may feel uncertainty regarding the role of your education foundation and how you can safely continue to provide support for your school district.


Foundation Innovation is here to help. We will conduct a virtual panel discussion among industry experts to discuss pain points, success stories and action plans for education foundations during the crisis. COVID-19 is an unprecedented challenge but it also offers opportunities for education foundations to provide vital support for student learning, educators and families.


Submit your questions to Team FI by clicking the button below and we will answer as many as possible during the discussion. The virtual panel discussion will be recorded and the access link will be made available on March 31st.


It is not a time to close our doors or feel defeated in our fundraising efforts, but rather a time to be stronger together!

Please submit your questions no later than noon, Thursday, March 26th.