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To all our wonderful clients, previous clients, and soon to be clients,


We value the health of the Foundation Innovation team, our education foundation boards of directors, community members, school district employees, students and all those being asked to follow protocol to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Foundation Innovation respects those leading the effort to minimize and contain risk, so we will follow the suggested protocol. We will strive to maintain grace and empathy for what our district and country are going through and Foundation Innovation is committed to being cautious, yet provide the same quality of service.


This is what that means for Foundation Innovation:


· Effective immediately, all onsite visits and meetings will be conducted virtually. We will continue to offer specialized and expert services from our team to our clients, so we are committed to staying the course and to continue the momentum for developing your education foundation.

· Our offices will remain open. We are a small staff so we will continue work as usual in the office. You will have the same access and availability to both our consultants and staff.

· We are being responsive. The Foundation Innovation team is in discussion to provide increased opportunities for online and virtual trainings. This includes specific training as well as a virtual online training to fully develop or revitalize your foundation. Stay tuned.

· We are committed. This disaster will have many social and economic implications with perhaps many more aspects to consider. As conditions change, we will review our response and act accordingly. We serve you as clients, previous clients, and soon to be clients and will continue to look for ways to support you. If you have specific ideas, we want to hear them.


Although this situation provides unwanted repercussions, we can also as education foundations be the convener of the school district in our community, the community, the students, and others to bind together to think smarter and build upon our educational opportunities through innovative and wonderful new approaches. It is a time to come together and be stronger for it.



Laurie Cromwell, CFRE

President, Foundation Innovation

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